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Human, Equine and Canine

Please find a list below of all our online and in person consultations. Please do contact us directly to arrange. 



 £65.00 per hour, please allow a total time of 1.5hr (max). 

£10.00 A small cost is applied for herbs selected on the day, this is extremely difficult to estimate as every animal requires individualised personalised plans and herbs. Please allow approx £10 for herbs consumed on the day. 

Herbs: The herbs your animal selects on the day are provided at extra cost for continued offering outside of the session by yourself. We will provide a breakdown of cost and order these for you or you are welcome to purchase these independently. 

An initial consultation lasts approx 1.5 hours. We run through a full case history and undertake any clinical examinations as necessary. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing if coming to the clinic. 

Zoom consultations can also be undertaken and utilse the same format, please where possible arrive at the consultation with a recent blood pressure reading. 

After your initial consultation i will prescribe 2 x weeks of medicine. After two weeks taking the medicine we will meet for a follow up session where your medicine will be tweaked or repeated depending on your individual needs and how you respond to the medicine. After this i will prescribe 4 or 5 x weeks of medicine. 

Follow up sessions will then be undertaken on a 5 weekly basis and last 30 - 45 minutes. 

Initial consultations: £65

Follow up: £35

Children (16 and under) 

Initial consultation: £40

Follow up: £20


Medicines are prices as follows

Tinctures £10.00 per 100ml

Teas £9.00 per 100g

Topical creams and balms individually priced. 

Medicines are dispensed and can be posted at extra cost, usually around £3.00


£ sliding scale from £10 - £30 for dogs. 

£30 per horse.

Both equine and canine reiki sessions are undertaken locally. A minimum of three horses at any one yard must be booked. Single horses requiring reiki have to be booked when location dictates. 

Distance reiki sessions are also available should you live outside our local. 

£40. Animal communication sessions are undertaken remotely from a photo of your animal, a clear recent head shot is all we need. 

We will connect with your animal, if they so wish and happily ask any questions you may have. If animals do not wish to communicate we do not charge. 

You will receive several pages of information from the conversation. 


on hold until March 2022. 

Equine structural therapy encompasses a range of modalities based on the needs of the animal at that given time. 

Your animals may require chiropractic work, massage, energetic work, MFR or craniosacral work. Each session is tailored to the needs of the horse. 

A minimum of three horses must be booked at any one yard. Individual horses will need to book in on days relating to specific locations. 

We also combine structural and herbal sessions together. These are priced on time and not the individual therapy. 

£20 per half hour. 

If you would like to discuss your animals case, we are here to help unpick the narrative. 

Working out management plans for your animal can be complex and we are available to help bring clarity, focus and a pathway forward. 

Field consultancy occurs at your yard and we discuss ways to improve your pasture, forage or herbal ambitions. 

I will visit the yard and then provide a report on

The native foragable species you already have and ways to increase these.

How you can incorporate a herb garden into your animals life including species to include and how to manage them. 

The health of your pasture including ways to incorporate a wild flower meadow or space, including management and how to increase species diversity - ways to improve your animals gut health. 

- Information on herbs and actions and how these herbs can help your animals health 



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