The wandering scents

These essential oils have been specifically chosen because they work on a variety of mechanisms and actions within the body. Physical, emotional and sprititual. They can help ease discomfort, release deep seated trauma, calm, restore and revitalise. 

It just so happens that essential oils have the highest vibratory frequency of any plant or animal life and as such work in wonderfully energetic ways, reaching deep into the psyche to renew and restore.

The essential oils in our self selection packs  include... my absolute favorite....

Achillea Milefollium or Yarrow


Chamomilla recutita or Chamomile.
These high chamazulene oils are frequently and consistently selected by animals for their wonderfully calming, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and rescue remedy qualities. They have something to offer every body system. They are so diverse and broad ranging and there vast list of actions make them a must in everyones home. 


In addition to these we have...

The heady and deep...

Valerian officinalis & Vetiver zizanoides. 

The digestive and detoxing...

Zingiber officnalis or ginger & Daucus Carrotta or Carrot seed. 


Your animal will have some exceptional releases and responses with these well rounded oils.
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It all starts with the perfect scent...


Essentoal oils have the unique ability to reach deep in to the emotions, helping to release blockages and manifestations of illness at very deep levels. 

They do this, because animals have a little organ, right inder the sinuses, called a vomeronasal organ. This clever little piece of kit, rleays aromas and smells through the organ and delivers them to the parts of the brain responsible for emotional release. Fear, joy, anxiety and love, thye are all expressed and released here. 

So in addition to the physical, the anti microbial and anti inflammatory, how clever are the scents and aromas of the plant world. 

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