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🌿Learn how to improve your animals health and wellness. 🌳Develop the skills to enrich and support. 🌱 Discover the herbs and plant medicines that can improve your animals wellbeing. 🌿 Identify the plants your animals can forage on safely and learn ways to integrate them into their daily lives. 🌱Enjoy tasting, experiencing and immersive herbalism. 🍃 Develop your plant and animal energetic skills. 🌱Delve into plant spirit work. 🍂Understand how seasonality effects behaviour and learn the plants that support these changes. 🍃Learn physiological pathways to inflammation and wellness. 📗 Build a portfolio to enhance your animal anatomy and physiology and plant knowledge.




"Another totally absorbing, interesting session, thank you. I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings". 


"Just to say thank you for a great session last night...It was very interesting, through and most useful, so looking forward to loads more, thanks again for your efforts. 


"Thanks for all the wonderful things you are teaching us!"

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🟠 Learning in a way that suits you and your busy profession, schedules to suit you.

🟣 Support from like minded individuals.

🟢 Encouragement in a like minded community to practice your craft and art.

🟡  Development of your skills to get hands on.

⚪️ Tasting, experiencing and immersive herbalism

🔵 Getting to the heart of the science. 
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A peak into winter and the importance of seasonality

Available in Herbal Shenanigans


We are our community and we are dedicated to helping our animals achieve their best life possible.

We are our community and we are dedicated to helping our animals achieve their best life possible. 

We aim to do this in the most natural and holistic way possible. And by looking at all aspects of care, from the physical, emotional and spiritual we discover there is a herbal remedy that can help and support.

We work in an integrative and collaborative way and remain always mindful of working within the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. That’s why some lessons cover pharmaceutical drugs there benefits and side effects. We want to give the animals, our owners and us the best of our knowledge, the best of our care and the best of our plants, herbs, oils and waters 😁

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