Herbal Shenanigans For Humans

Ever wondered how herbs can help bring you back to balance, naturally? 

Let's Grow Together

🌿Learn how to improve your own health and wellness. 🌳Develop the skills to enrich and support. 🌱 Discover the herbs and plant medicines that can improve your own wellbeing. 🌿 Reduce anxiety, rejuvenate the skin, strengthen the lungs, nourish the gut. 🌱Enjoy tasting, experiencing and immersive herbalism. 🍃 Develop your plant spirit and energetic skills. 🌱Delve into plant tastings and impression on the senses. 🍂Understand how seasonality effects behaviour and learn the plants that support these changes. 🍃Learn physiological pathways to inflammation and wellness. 📗 Build a herbal portfolio that refrences the herbs most beneficial to you.

Martine Fuller. 

"Another totally absorbing, interesting session. Thank you, i look forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings


Learning in a way that suits you and your busy profession, schedules to suit you.

🟣 Support from like minded individuals.

🟢 Encouragement in a like minded community to practice herbal craft and art.

🟡  Development of your skills to get hands on.

⚪️ Tasting, experiencing and immersive herbalism

🔵 Getting to the heart of the science. 


Bonus material just for you. Member only discounts and member only access, just for you.

🟣 Learn an expansive materia medica.

🟢 Dip in and dip out for the bits you like.

🟡  Medicine making and blending.

⚪️ Integrating essences, hydrosols and essential oils.

🔵 Regular support and guidance along the way. 


Learning how to connect with nature and natures abundance. Experience natures medicine cabinet. 

🟣 Support and help when you need it most.

🟢 Learn how to make folk tinctures with alochol, apple cider vinegar or glycerites. .

🟡  Identify the root causes of dysfuntion.

⚪️ Discover the importance of the gut and liver to health an wellness. 

🔵 Meditation and mindfulness exercises to keep the focus and expand. 


A network of global herbal connections, herbal knowledge locally.

🟣 Access 24 hours a day, where ever you are in the world.

🟢 Access to all live sessions and recordings.

🟡  Plant knowledge and foraging information for common herbs.

⚪️ Simple, popular and easy to use platform. 

🔵 All the information in one place with downloadable and prinatble resources. 

We are our community and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your best life possible.

We aim to do this in the most natural and holistic way possible. And by looking at all aspects of care, from the physical, emotional and spiritual we discover there is a herbal remedy that can help and support.

We work in an integrative and collaborative way and remain always mindful of working within our remit, do no harm. Thats why we cover some pharmaceutical drugs their benefits and side effects.
We want to give you the best of our knowledge, the best of our care and the best of our plants, herbs, oils and waters 😁

Remember that learning about herbal medicine does not replace medical care. If you are in any doubts please seek the advice of a medical herbalist or appropriate medical professional. 

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How it works

  • Herbal Shenanigans for Humans meet live the first Wednesday of every month.  
  • On these days we undertake organopleptic tastings and fully immersive ourselves in the herbs. 
  • Each wednesday thereafter, recorded lessons are available in the Herbal Shenanigans for Humans platform. 

Here we provide lessons on body systems, materia medica, topical applications, herbs for women, making and taking, preparation and more. 

  • We work through the seasons looking at health focusing on the interconnectedness of the whole. 
  • We look into herbal energetics and plant spirit work. 
  • Acess is via a rolling subscription payable monthly - you sign up for 12 weeks and can cancel at any time. 


Our live sessions comprise of 'blind' tastings and 'A journey with' tastings. 

'Blind' sessions involve a small sample being sent out to you, the details of which remain hidden until after the tasting. Exciting and thought provoking!

'A journey With' tasting involves you sourcing your own herbs and together we undertake guided meditations and tastings. 

We discover the impression on the senses, because herbs are much more that the taste they impart in the mouth. 

Some of the systems we cover.


We provide resources for you on body systems and how your health can be affected. We look at the main dysfunctions of: 
  • The skin - itching, ezcema, psoriasis, bites and stings. 
  • The heart - blood pressure, circulation, grief and love. 
  • The lungs - Asthma, hayfever, COPD, cough and colds. 
  • The gut - Bloat, diarrhoea, constipation, IBD, reflux and much more. 
  • The kidneys - inconntinence, infections, prostate. 
  • Reproduction - fertility, cycles, men and womens health. 
  • Endocrine - thyroid, womens health, meatbolic syndromes and more. 
  • Infammation and stress - how to overcome and recover. 


Theres so much to get through and it can all be undertaken at your own pace. 


  • Monthly plant tastings.
  • Weekly pre recorded lessons.
  • Free downloadable and printable resources.
  • Blind tasting samples.
  • Recipees 
  • Preparation ideas and know how.

How much does it all cost?

It is our true belief that herbal knowledge is for everyone. We keep our costs to the minimum so that you can learn the herbs well. 

Health is for everyone and it is you who must walk the path of wellness.

Herbal Shenanigans has been designed with this ethos at the fore of all we do. 

Thats why we have included bonus material on: 

  • First aid help, for those minor ear aches, scrapes and scratches. 
  • Growing your own herb garden and caring for your plants. 
  • Storage and drying.
  • Lessons on taking care of your mental health and wellbeing too!


Start your herbal journey with Herbal Shenanigans.