Your pathway to wellness begins with the first step. 

Herbal knowledge is for everyone. 




  • Monthly plant tastings.
  • Weekly pre recorded lessons.
  • Free downloadable and printable resources.
  • Blind tasting samples.
  • Recipees 
  • Preparation ideas and know how.




At each of the recorded lessons you will begin to build a portfolio of your own materia medica. With extra snippets in the dedicated FB group. 

What the herbs do, how they act on the body, how you can prepare them and how they might benefit you. 

You will receive lessons and downloads on how to make - 

  • Folk tinctures
  • Glycerites
  • Balms
  • Poultices
  • Hydrosols
  • Essences and more. 



 We look at:


  • The skin - itching, ezcema, psoriasis, bites and stings. 
  • The heart - blood pressure, circulation, grief and love. 
  • The lungs - Asthma, hayfever, COPD, cough and colds. 
  • The gut - Bloat, diarrhoea, constipation, IBD, reflux and much more. 
  • The kidneys - inconntinence, infections, prostate. 
  • Reproduction - fertility, cycles, men and womens health. 
  • Endocrine - thyroid, womens health, meatbolic syndromes and more. 
  • Infammation and stress - how to overcome and recover. 
You’re just a few steps away from a unique herbal discovery platform. 

Where science, energetics and interconnectedness are the key pillars of what we do. 

Herbal knowledge s for everyone. 

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Herbal Shenanigans for Humans. 



Herbal knowledge and wellness for everyone