Nourishing Nutrients!

These wonderful powders have been chosen for there popular selection from both horses and dogs. 

They cover all systems and include 100g of each powder 

Theres lots to get both you and your animal going on your herbal journey. 


The powders included are the awsome,

  • Dandelion root - fantastic digestve and liver herb.
  • Rosehip powder - wonderful for sugar modulation, full of nutrition and balancing.
  • Spirullina- so great for detoxification and packed with Vitamins and B complexes.
  • Barley grass - a dense nutritious powder with fantastic digestive qualities. 
  • Brewers yeast - a firm favourite with dogs.
  • Marshmallow - A lovely powder for soothing and calming the fire of digestion, excellent for excess stomach acid.
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