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Equine Ulcers A Herbal & Holistic Approach with Sabine Borden

Welcome to our webinar on "Holistic Management of Equine Ulcers with Sabine: This informative session is tailored for equine enthusiasts and caretakers who wish to explore natural and effective strategies for managing ulcers in horses.

**Webinar Overview:**

 Gain a foundational understanding of what equine ulcers are, including their symptoms, causes, and the impact they have on horse health and behavior.

Learn about the dietary changes that can help manage and prevent ulcers, focusing on what to feed your horse to support gut health.

 Discover the power of herbal support in managing equine ulcers, including specific herbs known for their healing properties and how to safely incorporate them into your horse's regimen.

Explore lifestyle factors that contribute to ulcer development and how simple changes in management and care can significantly reduce your horse's risk.

Why Join This Webinar?

Benefit from Sabine's extensive knowledge in holistic equine care.

Receive actionable advice and practical tips that you can implement immediately to support your horse's health.

Understand how diet, herbal remedies, and lifestyle factors interplay in the prevention and management of equine ulcers.

Access this webinar from anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the content as needed.

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