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Herbal support for the laminitic prone horses

Welcome to our comprehensive webinar on "Supporting Horses with Laminitis: Managing Acute and Chronic Cases with Herbal Support."

This session is designed for horse owners, caretakers, and equine enthusiasts who are seeking effective, natural strategies to support horses suffering from laminitis. Our focus will extend to understanding the condition, both in its acute and chronic forms, and how herbal remedies can be utilized to support cardiovascular health, regulate blood sugar levels, and enhance elimination pathways.

 Explore how certain herbs can support cardiovascular health, improving circulation and reducing inflammation, which is crucial in managing laminitis.
-Gain insights into the role of diet and specific herbal remedies that help regulate blood sugar levels. 
Understand the importance of supporting the body's natural elimination processes through herbal support, aiding in the removal of toxins and excess inflammatory substances.
 Receive detailed information on specific herbs known for their beneficial effects on horses with laminitis, including how to safely incorporate these into your horse's care plan.

Understand how a holistic approach, incorporating herbal support, can play a crucial role in managing laminitis, offering a more natural path to recovery and maintenance.

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