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Herbal support for horses with lymphangitis, cellulitis, CPL and peripheral circulatory fragility

Welcome to our webinar on "Herbal Support for Horses with Lymphangitis, Cellulitis, CPL, and Peripheral Circulatory Fragility."

This session is for horse owners, caretakers, and enthusiasts who are seeking natural, effective strategies to support horses facing these challenging conditions. Our goal is to provide an understanding of these conditions, focusing on the role of herbal remedies in supporting lymphatic health, reducing inflammation, and enhancing peripheral circulation.

 Delve into the specifics of lymphangitis, cellulitis, chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL), and peripheral circulatory fragility. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and the impact these conditions have on horse health.

 Explore herbs known for their lymphatic support properties, including how they can help reduce swelling, enhance lymph flow, and support overall immune function.

Discover herbal remedies that offer anti-inflammatory benefits and improve peripheral circulation, crucial for managing these conditions and supporting recovery.

 Receive guidance on how to safely incorporate specific herbs into your horse's care.


Gain knowledge from experts in equine health and herbal medicine, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of how to support your horse naturally.

 Learn about a holistic approach to managing lymphangitis, cellulitis, CPL, and peripheral circulatory issues, focusing on the root causes and long-term health.

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