All The Tools You Need To Apply The Herbal Self Selection Method To Your Animals


We help to enrich your animals lives and environments by showing how the herbal plant world can be integrated in to their world.

We work in unison with vets to alleviate disorders and diseases and promote balance and alignment of the whole.

This three month membership is designed to show you the best ways that you can help your pet naturally. 

The platform is easy to navigate. 

Lessons are available for the duration of your membership. 

All resources are free and downloadable. 

Start your pets wellness journey today, safely, naturally and effectively.

How It All Works

The course is broken down into a weekly lessons, available at your own time and pace, covering 

  • The self selection method - its application and integration.
  • Detailed materia medica including actions and benefits.
  • Lessons on foraging and natures lada.
  • How to offer essential oils, dried and fresh herbs, how to make infusions and herbal preparation.
  • Production and benefits of flower essences.
  • How to use aromatic waters.
  • We provide free downloadable resources. 
  • Live sessions and interactive help.
  • Additional email support
  • Access to the closed Self Selection Facebook group.
  • Herbal starter packs (at extra cost) or links to source your own material - plus natures lada when the season is right. 

                            Inside you will find....


Herbal Language

 Our guide to 'The Language of Herbs'

Herbal Monographs

Herbal actions for specific complaints and conditions.

Self Care and Safety

The Animal Botanical guides on self care and safety.

Animal Behaviour

Our guide to animal behaviour and release.

Shopping lists

Shopping list of the products you may want or need.

Free downloads

Free downloads of all the resources

The Self Selection Membership Can Be yours For £85.00 pm for 3 months


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Discover The Wellness

If you'd like to get started but not ready to commit today, you can discover the benefits of the Self Selection method of herbal health and enrichment for your animals by joining the mailing list.

Discover The Power Of Self Selection For Your Animals. 

Discover the delicate, powerful and connected method of self selection for your animals. Allowing your animal the freedom to choose and the ability to select innate wellness. Helping your animal increase flora & diversity in their daily lives, with the deeply effective herbs that reach into the psyche. Allowing release, increasing vitality and wellness, restoring physical health and improving behaviours. 

Plus We Have Added All The Extras

You will have three months access to the course and all the resources including any updates.

Permanent access to the dedicated Facebook group.

Regular emails filled with herbal knowledge, tips, tricks and animal care advice.

The Animal Botanical Herbal Self Selection course will be a method you take with you and apply to all animals within your care.

Its adaptable and flexible approach provides a pathway to wellness for all animals regardless of their history or circumstances.

It would be an honour to show you how you can help them.

A final gift...

We have given the basics on starting your own herbal journey with the self selection course, but we wanted to offer a gift to take away after you complete. 

So we added the Animal Botanical guide to herbal self selection.

We cover the essential elements of botanical offering that you find in the course in a handy downloadable ebook. 

A book you can refer to for help and guidance along the way. 


Our ebook covers the prominent elements in the membership - 

  • Herbs to be offered together and why.
  • Playing with distance.
  • Herbal actions and uses.
  • Basic foraging.
  • Herbs for specific conditions. 

These details will help you to move forward confidently and competently with you animal. Deeping your connection and enabling deeper releases and healing. 

The how to guide provides some basic science tips on plant constituents, the building blocks of life and synergy.

Its a great guide to keep you focused and expanding your knowledge.

You can sign up and join in here.


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