Herbal Heaven!

As for the herbs... We have chosen these for their amazing variety of uses, because they are also found regularly throughout the UK, enabling you to continue your herbal journey either foraging and collecting sustainably or buying direct.


Included we have...

Nettle - This works wonderfully for horses, is high in Vitamins and minerals, is sugar balancing and strengthening. 

Dandelion root - frequently selected and great for the urinary system.

Hawthorn - a wonderful herb for the circulatory system and heart. 

Yarrow - an all round great herb, reducing inflammation and frequently selected.

Calendula - helping to move the lymph fluid, boost immunity, soothe and heal. 

Chamomile - a wonderfully bitter and calming herb, great for the many body systems.


Theres so much included. It was so hard knowing where to stop the herbs!

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