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Herbal Shenanigans - With Herbal boxes: Monthly Training Programme for Owners & CPD

Delivering herbal knowledge and know how for your animals. 


  • Live interactive sessions
  • Free dowloads
  • Guest speakers 
  • Plant energetics
  • Tastings
  • Case studies

Cancel anytime or stay through the seasons. 


If you live outside the UK we can arrange postage of herbal boxes at extra cost. Price dependent on individual countries. 

Herbal Shenanigans - Seasonal Herbalism for Animal Well-being

Welcome to Herbal Shenanigans, a pioneering course designed for those passionate about integrating the wisdom of herbalism into the animal realm. This unique program is crafted to explore the symbiotic relationship between seasons, herbs, and animals, employing the principles of both Western herbalism and zoopharmacognosy.

**Seasonal Focus for Holistic Health:**
Herbal Shenanigans is structured around the natural cycle of the seasons, emphasizing the specific uses and benefits of herbs in animal care throughout the year. This seasonal approach not only aligns with the natural rhythms of the earth but also enhances the well-being of animals by utilizing the most appropriate and potent herbal remedies at the right times.

**Comprehensive Learning and Community Engagement:**
As a participant, you will delve into the fascinating world of herbalism through a blend of comprehensive learning and community engagement. The course is divided into seasonal sections, each highlighting different herbs, their applications in animal spheres, and how the changing seasons impact animal health and behavior.

**Interactive and Experiential Learning:**
Prepare to engage in a variety of tasks and challenges designed to deepen your understanding and practical skills. Herbal Shenanigans is not just about learning; it's about doing. You will have the opportunity to undertake hands-on projects, participate in community discussions, and even compete for awards and prizes.

**Earn Recognition and Make a Difference:**
As you progress through the course, you will earn badges recognizing your achievements and contributions to the community. These badges are not only a testament to your dedication and skill but also encourage continued learning and exploration.

**Safe, Effective, and Seasonally Aligned Practices:**
Safety is paramount in Herbal Shenanigans. You will learn how to provide health and enrichment for animals safely, effectively, and in harmony with the seasons. This course empowers you to bring about deep-seated change in the lives of animals, ensuring their well-being through natural and holistic means.

**Join Herbal Shenanigans Today:**
Whether you're a pet owner, animal care professional, or simply someone with a deep love for animals and nature, Herbal Shenanigans offers a unique opportunity to enhance the lives of animals through the power of herbalism. Join us on this journey to discover how interconnected we all are and how, through the thoughtful application of herbal remedies, we can support the health and happiness of our animal companions across the seasons.

Embark on this transformative journey with Herbal Shenanigans and become a part of a community dedicated to the enrichment and well-being of animals through the ancient and respected practice of herbalism.