Kickstart Your Career Working With Animals & Herbs.


We understand the importance of choosing a career that aligns with your true calling. A career working with animals is not only fulfilling it is also spiritually rewarding.

Here you can make a profound difference on the emotional, physical and spiritual lives of animals.

Our comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to excel in intuitive and innate botanical medicine.

Through our unique approach to evolutionary biology, seasonality, western herbs and intuitive herbal medicine you will support all animals to heal themselves, thrive, and live their best lives. 



We facilitate a practitioner pathway for those interested in a career working with herbs and animals.

Diploma Certificate 

Our most in depth herbal training programme. We combine the wisdom and method of animal self medication with our immersive and seasonal teaching in western herbalism.

We cover everything you would find in the Foundation Certificate plus we provide an herbal energetic and deeper scientific exploration. In addition to intuitive medicine we cover botanical foraging, herbal energetics, demonstration studies case studies, physiology, anatomy, evolutionary biology and a learning experience that reveals the inherent connections between animals, herbs and humans.

This pathway allows you to explore and become a master in the world of animal herbalism, herbal energetics and animals self-medicating. All with a deeply spiritual, seasonal and energetic twist. Our Diploma course is an extensive collaboration of herbal medicine, innate medicine and seasonality - all to bring our animals into closer alignment with their natural evolutionary biology. 

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"Joining Animal Botanicals amazing Diploma programme in Innate Botanical Selections has brought so much enrichment to both my animals and myself. My connection to herbs is deepening, where knowledge changes to a relationship and awareness of our interconnection. It is fascinating and humbling to witness the intelligence of horses and dogs seeking what they need and learning to trust this. I also love exploring the difference in expression, whether herbs are sought in the fresh or dried form, as a cut herb or powder, an essential oil or hydrosol ‚Äď a whole new world of possibilities of interaction. I have learnt so much about how my horses process too. As an Ayurvedic practitioner I love how we follow the rhythm of the seasons, seeing what is needed now and what will support for the future as the foundation of well-being and interrelatedness for us all".

 Laura Shakeshaft

UK Rural Skills


" .....I needed to have a slight change in direction and I found Animal Botanical. Well, what can I say, my life has gone on a journey I never imagined! Rachael awakened my love of plants and growing herbs. I have always loved growing things but rather without purpose or focus, not so now!

I think the biggest win from starting Innate Botanical Selections has been for Bund my older dog. Bund was struggling with pain and I decided to go down the heavy duty pain killer route, which he is still on, but by going out and learning to forage for various herbs, to help mitigate the side effects, Bund and I have learned a way to make his life the very best possible and he still walks 5+ miles a day and does his conditioning. A huge side effect of establishing a stable gut flora is where he used to be a huge herbivore poo eater he now ignores it all result! I can no longer sit down for a herbal mug of tea, without him joining in and trying to get to the stew at the bottom. It is so nice to see him being so cheeky!".

 Sue Julian