Would you like to learn how the natural world can help you and all your valued animal family members? 

Our mix of modalities are unique to us. We have a lifetime of working in unison with people, animals, and the natural environment and its our pleasure to be able to bring this to everyone. We offer the ability to create a healthy mind and body for yourself, your animals and entire family. We started our working careers on the land and with animals, after many years of study we have come full circle to be able to offer this insight to you.


Would you like to understand your animals health better?

Let us help you. We can teach you how to help your animals naturally.

Botanical Healing

Animals who are unwell or who have experienced periods of trauma, change or distress can hold anxiety and illness in much the same way we humans do.

Trauma and illness can cause your animal to behave in certain ways, display negative, repetitive or aggressive traits, show signs of pain and discomfort or generally just feel low and down in the dumps, unresponsive or frightened.

Animal Botanical is dedicated to helping these animals in the most effective and natural way possible.

Our aim is to help people understand the root causes of their animals discomfort, provide advice, heal, restore and revive. 

Just as nature intended animals are especially receptive to plant medicine. Able to work much more effectvely with plant medicine and essential oils than us humans. Their instincts and innate behaviours know precicely what they need and when. 



How do those we work with benefit from working with us?

At Animal Botanical we offer insight and long lasting changes that are effective and affordable. By utilising the locally available, energetic, earthly and scientific principles inherent in our world today, we can show you a number of herbal approaches that ensure long term wellness and a shift in thinking towards permanent enrichment and vitality. So there really is something for everyone.

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Whether your an animal consultant or therapist, passionate owner or someone looking to learn more, this platform is for you.  We are open to all, knowledge is to be shared and we want to benefit and help the animals we serve. 

Inside Shenanigans we...

🌿Learn how to improve your animals health and wellness.

🌳Develop the skills to enrich and support.

🌱 Discover the herbs and plant medicines that can improve your animals wellbeing.

🌿 Identify the plants your animals can forage on safely and learn ways to integrate them into their daily lives.

🌱Enjoy tasting, experiencing and immersive herbalism.

🍃 Develop your plant and animal energetic skills.

🌱Delve into plant spirit work.

🍂Understand how seasonality effects behaviour and learn the plants that support these changes. 🍃

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We do it for our animals...

For all those people who are aching to improve their animals health but do not know where to begin.

For all the people who are looking for change which is affordable and engaging with a system that encourages unity and interconnectedness.

For a world which is looking to understand traditional, seasonal relationships with the natural world and its bounty of abundance.

...we can help!


We're Rachael and Jason

We are professionals in the spheres of animal and human health which we have interwoven with our deep connection to herbal medicine, energetic modalities and the natural world. The feeling you get when you connect with an animal, plant or human on an energetic level is addictive and astounding. Imparting health is enriching for all, every single person and owner should have the opportunity and ability to improve their and their pets physical and mental health in ways that are engaging and informative, long lasting, and safe. It’s imperative that we all have the opportunity to live our best lives, full of health, vitality and dynamism for the betterment of all beings.

Herbs Today for Healing Tomorrow

Join the Animal Botanicals family today. We are here to provide your animals with the health and wellness they deserve. We want your animals to feel vitality and warmth, comfort and love. Free from illness, pain, anxiety and stress. Let us show you how.

Or you can purchase our 'Animal Botanicals Seasonal Forages' Book

Printed in full colour and divided in to handy seasonal sections you will be amazed at how easy it is to identify and find plants and herbal remedies for your animals that are foragable and free. We have included the rules of offering herbs using the self selection method. 54 of the most commonly selected plants - those our animals enjoy the most. Ideas on preparation including teas or offering fresh or dried. We have added further information on clays and charcoal as well as information on actions, uses and indications. You and your animal will love exploring natures lada this year and you will know that your animal is selecting safely. and it comes with a complete glossary of terms for ease of reference.

Book Testimonials

Wendy Middleton Smith

“Everyone who enjoys my Herbal Self Selection for animals will love this new book written by Rachael Maxwell and Jo Rose
It’s fab. Lots of exciting info about properties and application for self selection, times to harvest
A must for all herbal self selection enthusiasts....Love the book
Well done”

Antonia Mckinnon Wood

“My book arrived today! I am already deep into it and will produce a power point for our younger Pony Club Centre members tomorrow night. Thankyou Rachael Maxwell”

Jo Curran

“My husband has nicked it he won't give it back!!”

How to build and incorporate herbs in to your horses life.

This day sees the introduction of several species of plant including, annuals, perennials, shrubs, hedging and trees. You will learn about placement and location, soils, aspect and incorporating the plants themsleves in to your own space, how to care and protect them. The what, where and how if you will. The plants we discuss and plant include foragable and popular as well as commonly selected species. In addition we have several non foragable varieties and meadow flowers. Plants will be available at extra cost to take away on the day so that you can begin the process of creating your own herb space or garden. we wil have a selection of plugs, perennials, shrubs and annuals for the pasture to.

2021 Spring Forage on Foot- Saturday 8th May

The first of our Spring forages starts here. Join us for a 2 hour stomp where we learn all about the hedgerow herbs and common plants that are most selected by our animals. We Finish at the paddock where we look at the species that can be integrated into your horses pasture for increased biodiversity, better gastrointestinal health and increased species diversity. Also excellent for resilience to worms, improved begaviour and health. The forage will last three hours in total, weather dependent, Bring sturdy boots and a waterproof.

Animal Botanical Spring Forage Ebook. Only £10

The amazing Animal Botanical Spring Forage Ebook. Aiding you and your animal to select appropraitely and confidently in spring. its a great addition to your daily dog walk or horsey hack!

Animal Botanical Summer Forage Ebook. Only £10.

The Animal Botanical Summer Forage can be downloaded here. Aiding you and your animal to select appropraitely and confidently on summer plants.

Animal Botanical Autumn Forage Ebook. Only £10.00.

We have included our top 20 plants that your animals can benefit from through the Autumn and into Winter.

Dip into to Self Selection with the Animal Botanical Self Selection Starter Packs.

Illness, disease, trauma, grief, loss, anxiety. Having an unwell pet can be a distressing time fraught with uncertainties and conflictions. There is so much information regarding diet, lifestyle, alignment, herbs, remedies and formulations. Your animals path to wellness may be a long journey or it could be a simple fix. By allowing a process of self selction to unfold with your pet, clues and patwyays to illness can be revealed. Self selection is a deeply rewarding and wholesome experience. Invigorating and connecting on a level you or your pet may have never experienced before. At Animal Botanical we want the absolute best for you and your furred friend. Always. We have formulated these packs to ensure that your animal gets the most benefit. All chosen because of their unique actions on the physical body, spiritual pathway and the emotional heart.

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Natures Vitality

What better medicine to provide. The energy of the sun and vitality of the earth combining to provide us and our pets with the most nourishing and natural remedies available.

Combine these with the essence and clarity of essential oils and you have the most energetic and vibrational qualities of any living thing. how fantastic to be abole to utilise this in the tradional healing art of herbalsim.

What amazing beneficience and such an honore.

Healing allowing space for renewal and rejuvenation, aiding detoxification pathways and elimination. Lightening the heart and spirit. 

Plants and Animals the world over, Animal Botanicals salute you. 

Animal Botanical For All

We know how the animal and plant kingdoms are interconnected - Let us show you the tools and techniques that enable you to use these for the benefit of your beloved pets. Horses, cats, rabbits, dogs, farm animals and smaller furries. Herbs are their natural counterparts to a healthy life.


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