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 Herbal Shenanigans:


For owners looking to support their animals naturally with botanicals.


For Practitioners looking to improve their herbal knowledge.


Join us where it all began on our fully online herbal immersion programme.

At Animal Botanical, we are passionate about the transformative power of herbs and their ability to enhance the lives of both animals and their human companions. Our platform, Herbal Shenanigans, is not just a resource for information, but a gateway to a world of healing and connection with nature. It is a place where you can discover the remarkable potential of herbs to support your animals' health and well-being, and witness the profound impact they can have on ours and their lives. With Herbal Shenanigans, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and love for your animals, as you unlock the secrets of herbal support and create a harmonious bond between nature and your beloved companions. Trust in the magic of herbs and let Herbal Shenanigans be your guiding light on this extraordinary path of holistic wellness.

Developed just for your animals but as we came to realise, as applicable for the human too. 

Love and light blessings

Rachael xx


Our entire ethos is Interconnectedness.

Do you want to join the movement?

Inside 'Herbal Shenanigans' you learn how the seasonal rhythms heal our animals. You discover the disorders that you come across within any given season and how the journey round the sun, with all its natural medicine helps to rebalance and make well. How the season not only dictates health, but heals it too.

Herbal Shenanigans is offered on a monthly rolling basis. You can stay for as long or as little as you like. All our members, despite completing a cycle round the sun, stay for the additional learning. Thats why we introduced our life time membership stream. So you can keep on with the journey, keep up with all our amazing guest speakers, our twice seasonal herbal tasting sessions and engage with all the community challenges and tasks.

All lessons traverse through the seasons, building week on week and month on month your animal, herbal and herbal energetic skills. All lessons are available on catch up and on demand.

Students start Herbal Shenanigans at any time through the year. With certificates and a celebration awarded at the end of each season.

Due to the seasonal nature of our course, there is much emphasis on learning forage herbs, with teachings in production, storage and drying of these herbs. 

Enabling you to understand herbs how your animals do. 

Immersive & interconnected.

There is a strong focus on learning forage and non native species. We look into the energetics and interconnectedness of these herbs and there are over 54 herbs

Our teaching encourages immersive herbalism, we undertake plant tastings diving into plant spirit and meditation twice within a given season.

Each season we deconstruct case studies so that should you come across similar cases you will have a strong foundation to start your research and planning. 

Unlock the Healing Power of Nature:

Empower Your Animals with Medicinal Herbs.

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Botanical Health for All

Herbal Shenanigans

You may choose to purchase the offer with a seasonal ' Herbal Box of Goodness' - sent direct to you every season. Or you may choose the offer without herbs. The choice is ultimately yours.

Our Herbal Boxes of Goodness have been specially selected to provide you with the herbs relevant to the season and conditions presenting. We change these yearly so as you don't receive replication and your animals get to experience as many herbs as possible

This course is for you and your animals. We learn together for each other.

The winter series is now closed. Next intake Detoxification series March 7th >>>>>
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And so Herbal Shenanigans was born

I developed a deep love for using botanicals, especially after witnessing incredible results in aiding and supporting my own dog, Tiz, and my horses. This journey led me to become a medical herbalist accredited with NIMH and a consultant in animal herbal choices. The modalities blended so well with my chiropractic and energetic healing business.

Through Herbal Shenanigans, we aim to educate and empower others to work with herbs and support herbal health for animals. It's a delightful herbal feast for both animals and their owners.

We extensively utilize herbs for animals and have witnessed remarkable and profound changes, both gradually and rapidly. What's truly remarkable is the abundance of natural forage available, allowing us to support animals physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It's truly a blooming amazing experience!

Rach xx

Here is the breakdown

Spring Detoxification

Lets delve into the season of detoxification, exploring the profound significance of the liver and digestive systems in integrative herbal health. Discover why detoxification is crucial for animal wellness and vitality. Week by week, we look deeper into the world of herbs that support elimination, studying the intricate anatomy and physiology that underpins this process. Watch a captivating case studies that highlight the significance of detoxification during this season. We research and create topical applications, we explore the fascinating concept of herbal and animal self-medication, deepen our understanding of the innate wisdom of nature. Join us on this immersive journey of elimination, trauma release and transformation, as we embrace holistic well-being for our animals and us.

Summer Abundance.

Welcome to a season of abundance, where we focus on soothing the fires of digestion, supporting the central nervous system, and embracing the breath of life. Dive into the world of energetic herbal. Discover the art of making and using essences and explore the seasons natural remedies that can be found right outside your doorstep. Our animal case studies remain significant, as we uncover the transformative effects of nervine, anxiolytic, and stress-reducing botanicals.  Get stuck in on this journey of healing as we embrace the wisdom of nature and nurture our mind, body, and spirit.

Autumn Catabolism.

Learn about the profound importance of the urinary system, metabolism, and immunity in nurturing animal health during the approaching winter. Explore the intricate workings of the body and discover the vital processes of catabolism and breakdown. Immerse yourself in lessons that uncover the power of rooty and fruity herbs, offering support and balance. Learn how to address the fear of fireworks and loud noises, and dive into the mysteries of the endocrine system. Discover the art of drop dosing and unlock the secrets of creating autumn-associated products like fruit leathers and decoctions. Let the wisdom of nature guide you on this transformative path of spiritual growth and energetic healing."

Winter Stasis

Embark on a spiritual journey of animal health and self-discovery as you delve into the profound world of phytochemistry and its role in promoting holistic health. Explore the intricate building blocks of life and uncover the hidden wisdom of plants. Dive deep into the realms of the physical heart and circulatory system, where you will learn how herbs can cleanse the blood and provide support during times of grief and trauma. Unravel the mysteries of metabolic syndrome through a captivating case study, and discover how the seasons can positively influence such conditions. Immerse yourself in the energetic teachings of herbs and oils associated with winter, and let their transformative power guide you on your path to wellness."

The winter series is now closed. Next intake Detoxification series March 7th >>>>>

+ you get ...

The interconnectedness of everything.

Woven throughout the course and membership we teach deeply immersive techniques to enhance connection with the herbs and animals. These sessions are engaging and at times releasing while providing a safe space for exploration of the self and the web of plant and animal energies. Herbal energetics and impression on the senses is a central theme underpinning our core value. Interconnectedness.

Rules and guidelines in offering herbs.

Rules & procedures. Types & breadth of botanicals. Joining & succession of botanicals and Finding the favourites. This module introduces the key concepts of animal self medication and herbalism with demonstrations, practice sessions and live meet ups.  




Tasks, Challenges and lots of herby fun!

Engaging in our tasks and challenges for herbal immersion. They are so much fun, engaging and add a practical making element to the course. You deepen your understanding of herbal remedies. By embracing these activities, you embark on a journey of personal growth and empower yourself to make informed decisions about herbal wellness for all the family.

Hey Herby Folks,

We are Animal Botanical.

We are Rachael and the Jason. 

Jason specialises in energetic healing, specifically Reiki and mindful practices and is a structural therapist in his own right having previously had a long successful career helping humans to rebalance, realign and refocus the body and mind.

I am all about the herbs and the animals.

Herbal Shenanigans came to be after a whirlwind romance with biophilia and a long career in the healing animal industry.

We live in Costa rica now with our 3 children, 2 dogs and 3 cats and 5 chickens. 

We created our online business from the love, energy and empathy we feel for all things Animal and Botanical.

Here’s Why You'll Love the 1st Four Weeks of Each Season Inside Herbal Shenanigans


Interconnected Physiology

Get ready for an energetic journey with Herbal Shenanigans! Each season, we kick off with the webinar "Interconnected Physiology," diving into the amazing world of herbs and their impact on animals during that specific time of year. Spring will teach you how herbs can support your animals' elimination pathways, while Summer focuses on their lungs and respiratory system. Autumn is all about boosting metabolism and immunity, and Winter brings the spotlight to the heart and circulatory system.

Systems & Connections

In Spring, we delve into the herbs that can be foraged and explore liver health, emphasizing the importance of elimination and detoxification. As Summer arrives, we shift our focus to herbs for allergies and hayfever, offering relief to your animals during the warmer months. In Autumn, we explore endocrine herbs, helping to maintain balance and vitality in your animals. Finally, in Winter, we study the heart and circulation, uncovering additional herbs for each system. 


Herbal Approaches to..

Spring explores 'Dying to detox', a case study focusing on liver dysfunction in a horse. In Summer we dive into 'The breath of life' featuring a dog with Kennel Cough. Autumn we learn from 'In a Tiz', a case study involving my dog with immune dysregulation. Winter introduces 'Tying up for winter', a case study that explores a pathway to EMS. In addition to these you will also have the chance to learn how to make essences, discover herbs for fireworks fear and loud noises, and explore herbs for the lymphatics.

Forage & Making

In Spring, you will delve into the world of herbal topical applications, discovering the richness of nature's offerings. Summer brings a focus on abundance, foraging herbs, and herbs that support the central nervous system. As Autumn arrives, you will learn about rooty and fruity herbs, gaining knowledge on making decoctions for your animals. Finally, Winter learning centers around phytochemistry and carbohydrates, understanding how these plant constituents can positively impact and aid your animals.

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Laura & Sam


"I love what we're doing with you, I love its depth and I know the more you get out there and do it, the more it will just flow. But I think I want to go further with it all. You just inspire me so much! Doing this with you has made me want to change as a person, become more at one". 

Louise & Callie

“it’s like you’re part of something so special and spiritual almost

You really feel that you’ve helped them help themselves. They trust you, connect with you and are content. It’s a gift to offer them and to share with them”


Daisy & Ralph

"It's been an amazing journey so far and I can't wait to continue. My thirst for all things herbal has certainly been ignited.

I just want to say a massive thank you to you, for your knowledge and inspiration and all your hard work getting us all this far.

I have honestly loved every second of it".


Frequently Asked Questions


Spring Series now OPEN >>>

The Opinion Of Industry Experts

Herbal Shenanigans for Everyone!

Each beautiful season you get. 

  • Industry Specialist coming into talk about their successes. In the past we have had amazing guest join us talking; trauma herbs. muscle testing, aromatherapy, vitalism, transforming paddocks to wild flower meadows, Cat care, tasting herbs and so much more!
  • As we progress through the year we set gorgeous challenges and tasks. Your opportunity to immerse yourself in the herbs and discover exactly how they impact you and your animals. Earn badges, awards and certificates. 
  • At the end of each season we celebrate. We hand out awards to reward you own successes, your own growth and heartfelt moments through the 12 week season. 
  • Twice per season you undertake a meditation and tasting of a specific herb, one you forage the other is sent through the post. You never know what will arrive. These sessions provide connection and spiritual awakening, a safe space to release and grow. Organoleptic tastings provide a safe container space for personal release. You get to experience the herbs the way our animals do. Interconnected. 


Together we learn how botanicals, the seasons and our animals connect. We look to nature to find support in the herbal healing circle.

We show how you can use herbs to enrich and heal our animal partners.

We specialise in teaching an in depth and energetic understanding of the botanicals we can use daily. How they act in the body, how they benefit our animals and why. 

We combine the energetic and the scientific in weekly sessions, we are a community, we are connected. 

Join us to find out 





Love Rachael xx

Without Herbal Boxes of Goodness. (Global)


  • Access to the Herbal Shenanigan platform.
  • Extensive herbal resources.
  • Free 'Blind Tasting' samples.
  • Pins, awards and badges sent direct to you. 
  • Comprehensive email support. 
  • Access to our dedicated Facebook community. 
  • Herbal Meditations
  • Guest Speakers
  • Free additional webinars in our 'Herbal approaches to' series. 
  • Free downloads and document resources. 
  • Access the app for on the go connection. 
  • A heartfelt, awesome community. 
  • Love, empathy and connection





With Herba; Boxes of Goodness. (UK Only)


  • A seasonal box of herby goodies including dried herbs, powders, hydrosols, essences or oils. 
  • Access to the Herbal Shenanigan platform.
  • Extensive herbal resources.
  • Free 'Blind Tasting' samples.
  • Pins, awards and badges sent direct to you. 
  • Comprehensive email support. 
  • Access to our dedicated Facebook community. 
  • Herbal Meditations
  • Guest Speakers
  • Free additional webinars in our 'Herbal approaches to' series. 
  • Free downloads and document resources. 
  • Access the app for on the go connection. 
  • A heartfelt, awesome community. 
  • Love, empathy and connection.