Become an Animal and Herbal Practitioner.

Learn How to Use Herbs for Animal Wellness

Without The Overwhelm & Confusion.

With The Innate Botanical Selections Diploma.


This is our practitioner group training programme. This training provides an immersive and in depth teaching experience which encompases seasonality, Innate Botanical Selections and Western Herbalism. 

The training can be undertaken in 1 year however students have up to 3 years to complete.


If your not currently seeing the improvements in behaviour, structure, release and repair in yours and your clients animals, its likely because your missing the most important link.

Our training programme offers that solution. 

We address every aspect of every animal within a structured seasonal framework and western herbal. 

Our comprehensive approach covers every facet of animal care within a structured seasonal framework. The curriculum includes detailed studies on anatomy and physiology, herbal pathways for treating specific conditions, specific disease oriented case studies and practical skills.

The programme includes over 300 hours of training with 8 additional FREE hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per season.

Our training also includes webinars, Q&A sessions, lessons on dysfunction and disorders, and live meet-ups (conducted online) to foster a collaborative learning environment.

The Innate Botanical Selections Diploma, a cornerstone of our training, empowers students to not only learn about herbal medicine but also to engage in the creation of herbal products. This hands-on experience is invaluable for enhancing connection and fosters a deeper understanding of the integral role of natural remedies in promoting animal health and well-being.

In essence, our programme is designed to transform practitioners into knowledgeable and skilled professionals, capable of integrating Innate Botanical Selections and Western Herbal ideals into their practice to achieve remarkable improvements in animal health.



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Our diploma delivers an unmatched, all-encompassing learning experience in Innate Botanical Selections and Western Herbalism. 


You Will


🌿 Elevate your understanding: We have intricately woven the art and practice of Zoopharmacognosy with our immersive and academic training in Medical Herbalism.

🌿 Embrace a holistic curriculum that blends seasonal, energetic, and physiological insights, underscoring the unity of all beings.

🌿 Master the art of safely offering herbs to animals within a nurturing, structured, and supportive learning environment.

🌿 Begin your journey in botanical healing immediately, with hands-on practice, clear demonstrations, and expert mentorship.

🌿 Our program is accredited by UK Rural Skills, ensuring the highest standard of education and equipping you with essential knowledge.

🌿 Cultivate a profound understanding of herbalism, becoming well-versed in the contemporary relevance and application of herbal remedies.

🌿 Explore the vast world of botanicals beyond essential oils, learning to utilize herbs, essences, herbal powders, and more for holistic health.

🌿 Enhance your craft in creating herbal products, from teas and essences to balms and fruit leathers, covering all aspects of herbal preparation.

🌿 Acquire crucial skills in identifying, producing, and utilizing natural forage, with comprehensive lessons on available resources and their applications.

🌿 Join our sister platform for an immersive journey through the seasons, understanding their profound impact on health and wellness.

🌿 Gain in-depth knowledge of common disorders and diseases in horses and dogs, learning about key herbs for healing and how to administer them.

🌿 Dive into the details of 38 essential oils and 60 herbs, gaining a thorough understanding of herbal remedies.

🌿 Develop keen animal behavior insights, learning to intuitively offer herbs based on the animals' guidance.

🌿 Our flexible course structure allows you to complete your studies in 1, 2, or 3 years, adapting to your personal and professional commitments.


Here is the breakdown

Module 1: The Zoopharmacognosy Pathway.

🌿 Explore the history and significance of animals self-medicating, the use of herbs by wild animals and indigenous cultures, and the scientific principles behind animals instinctively selecting medicinal plants.

🌿Familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the medicinal and herbal world.

🌿Gain insights into how animals select and use medicinal plants and understand the pathways by which these botanicals enter their bodies.

🌿Explore the specific applications and benefits of spring herbs in supporting animal well-being.

Module 2. Safety, Behaviour & Guidelines

🌿 Learn the essential rules and guidelines for safely offering herbs, including legal requirements in the UK.

🌿 Discover how animals communicate their preferences and needs for specific botanicals through behaviors and body language.

🌿Understand the importance of taking thorough case notes to have a holistic understanding of their well-being.

🌿Interpreting behaviour cues to provide effective and personalized care through Innate Botanical Selections.

🌿Practice & demonstrations in interactive group session.

Module 3. Kit Discovery

🌿You will explore various botanicals for supporting animal well-being.

🌿Learn about essential oils, dried herbs, nutrient and herbal powders, hydrosols, spiritous waters, and essences.

🌿Discover how these botanicals reveal animals' needs and their benefits.

🌿Take part in interactive demonstrations on providing these botanicals to horses and dogs.

🌿 Discover your Innate Botanical Selections kit to discover the significance and energetic qualities of a range of botanicals.

🌿 Learn several ways that botanicals can facilitate natural, intuitive animal healing.

Module 4. Practice & Spring

🌿You will have the opportunity to conduct live herbal offering sessions with your own horses or dogs. 

🌿Enhance your practical skills and deepen your understanding. 

🌿Explore the actions, uses, and benefits of summer herbs for innate Botanical Selections. 

🌿The advantages of wild crafting and how foraged plants can enhance the offering space.

🌿Learn to confidently conduct a simple Innate Botanical Selections session with horses and dogs.

🌿This module marks the beginning of your journey as a practitioner, where you will delve into your own case studies and apply your expertise to benefit your own animals.

Module 5. Structure & Framework.

🌿Focuses on the essential skills of joining, sequencing, and grouping botanicals to enhance your effectiveness as a practitioner.

🌿By mastering these techniques, you will be equipped to provide the best possible care for animals.

🌿In this module, we look into seasonal disorders and dysfunctions. Understanding how different seasons can impact animals' 

🌿 Learn to conduct thorough research and develop targeted treatment plans.

🌿Undertake interactive demonstrations and practical tasks.

 Module 6. Herbs in Business

🌿Learn to understand and managing client expectations. 

🌿Build strong relationships while delivering satisfactory outcomes.

🌿Develop skills to effectively communicate with clients and meet their needs.

🌿This module concludes with insights io to topical applications, consecutive sessions and further practical demonstrations.


Our Diploma programme offers in-depth training that encompasses teachings on seasonal herbs and the profound effects of the seasons on our animals. 


This training is offered within the platform called Herbal Shenanigans. 

Module Outlines within this training Include: 


🌿 Gaining seasonal knowledge on the best herbs to use at specific times of the year.

🌿Learn how to produce and effectively use herbs in your animals daily life.

🌿Enjoy the insights of  guest speakers who shares their expertise in the field.

🌿Explore real-life case studies to deepen your understanding of herbal approaches.

🌿Attend webinars focused on herbal approaches to specific disorders.

🌿Connect with like-minded individuals in live community get-togethers.

🌿 Engage in plant tastings and meditations to enhance your herbal experience.

🌿Receive comprehensive support throughout your herbal journey.

🌿Participate in awards and prizes to celebrate your achievements.

🌿Earn badges as you progress and expand your knowledge. 



Herbal Shenanigans More Info>>>>>>


Throughout the duration of the course students attend and and carry out several demonstrations and practical homework tasks.  

🌿Students undertake 3 x case studies per species with an additional 1 x case to be used for their final assessment.

🌿Students produce business consent forms & case study analysis sheets enabling them to launch direct their business upon completion of the course.

🌿Students are required to demonstrate their abilities in plant identification, including the physical & energetic uses for which they may be selected by animals. Students produce either video footage, powerpoint or pdf presentations to show this. 

🌿Students demonstrate their knowledge in herbal product making. Producing fruit leathers, powders, essences, hydrosols & poultices.  

🌿Students learn and demonstrate animal behaviour and body language ques, applying this knowledge in group settings throughout the course. 

🌿Students present a short 5 minute presentation, write a short essay and attend one to one coaching sessions. 


Why You Can No Longer Ignore The Call To Work With Herbs & Animals

🌳 If your stuck in a rut and your not getting the results you would like to see from your animals, this course is for you.

🌳 We allow the herbal medicines to reach deep into the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, so your animals can finally rebalance, realign and repair, even the most stubborn behaviours and illnesses. 

🌳 If your clients are stuck on allopathic medication and your struggling to offer suggestions and find ways out. Zoopharmacognosy and herbal medicine are proven to provide a structured and natural way to better health. 

🌳 Herbs and natural medicines have fewer side effects, meaning you have a greater sense of control over your animals health. They can also be provided alongside medications. 

🌳By using an Innate Botanical Selection method we empower you. our animals gain a greater sense of purpose, freedom and empowerment themselves.  

🌳We provide you with a structured way to profound healing for you, your owners and your clients animals. 


Clare Butler

It's been an amazing journey so far and I can't wait to continue. My thirst for all things herbal has certainly been ignited. I just want to say a massive thank you to you, for your knowledge and inspiration and all your hard work getting us all this far. I have honestly loved every second of it".

Daisy Griffiths

Well done everyone, such a lovely community we have here. Thank you to Rachael for bringing us together and being a wonderful teacher and herb oracle 💖🌸✨🙏



A career where you make profound heath changes to animals. 

 The biggest mistake I see people is in trying to treat animals with the allopathic, systems oriented approach. 

There's just too much information and going DIY just isn't feasible. 

There's just too much that will not work. 

We must take into account our animals needs and wants within the healing. The animals must have the option, trust and choice to be able to make informed decisions regarding their own health. 

Many animals are never provided the opportunity to heal from emotional imbalances, the cascade effect on the body is immeasurable. 

This is your chance to learn the skills to be able to heal in the most profound way you will ever experience. 

You can master the skill and develop all the knowledge needed in just 12 installments of £197 or (Pay in Full and SAVE)

Plus we have a full 7 days no questions asked, money back guarantee. 

Enrol now for January 2025 start.

Your Guarantee, Refund, And Return Policies

We understand that circumstances may change, and we want to ensure your satisfaction with our courses. Therefore, we offer a 7-day refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within the first 7 days of your course start date, simply reach out to our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you with a refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here to help make your learning experience with Animal Botanical a positive one.

Develop your herbalism skills so that we can help as many animals as possible. That's why we have included these bonuses

#Bonus 1. Access to ALL updates and additional lessons. (Value £600 Yearly)

🌿  Additional lessons on 'Case studies' and Herbal  Approaches To' are released seasonally. 

🌿 Access to new guest speakers every 3 months. 

🌿 New plant tastings every season with new organoleptic experiences occurring every 6 weeks. 

#Bonus 2. Exclusive Discounts (11% Off at the apothecary)

🌿Gain exclusive discounts to our Animal Botanical online store. The perfect place to restore your stocks with a heft membership discount. 

🌿 Gain early bird access, at a fraction of the cost, to a host of our additional resources, online course and one off webinars.

🌿 Receive the biggest discounts to our in person workshops, retreats and in person herbal learning events.

#Bonus 3. Free Access to our Private Facebook Group & WhatsApp Group. (Value, Priceless) 

🌿Personal contact with a host of practitioners and owners, all supporting their animals naturally and holistically. 

🌿Group support and friendship from trusted and heartfelt individually. There to help lift you to become the best practitioner or owner out there. 


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Animal Friends,

This is Rachael & this is one of her dogs,Tiz



Rachael Maxwell is a holistic therapist, Zoopharmacognosy practitioner, horticulturist & Medical Herbalist, MNIMH. Rachael also has qualification in equine chiropractic, massage and has undertaken a host of continuing professional development in the manual therapy fields too.

Rachael co wrote: Animal Botanical, A Field Guide To Common Plants & Hedgerow Herbs Found Throughout The UK.  

She has written articles for Your Health Hub and has received glowing reviews from The Herb Society. 

Rachael is an incredible teacher and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is shared via various platforms

Animal Herbal Health

Innate Botanical Selections.


This course is designed for individuals who are passionate about facilitating healing for animals using a herbal method that prioritizes the animals' well-being, whether you are just starting out in working with animals, considering a career change, or already a therapist looking to further support animals naturally. We also have a specialised stream for those looking to support their own animals. 

We specialise in providing herbal products to horses and dogs however consideration towards other species is given and covered. 

There is a strong emphasis on learning through the rhythm of the seasons as core concepts in our learning are based around animal anatomy, animal disorders & dysfunctions and plant physiology that prevail within any given season. 

Previous students have often been left 'blown away' by the connections that draw botanicals, animals and the seasons together. 


By enrolling in our practitioner training, you will benefit from being:

  • A Safe Practitioner

'Animal Botanical - Innate Botanical Selections' practitioner, safely equipped to provide customized medicinal herbs to animals using the intuitive method of Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

  • A Competent Practitioner

You will become a comprehensive practitioner learning all the methodology and practical applications of the Innate Botanical Selections & Herbal Shenanigans, including the history, science, guidelines, and understanding of animal behaviors necessary for success.

  • An Immersive Practitioner  

Participation in the Herbal Shenanigans aspect of the course, which enhances your knowledge of seasonality, botanicals, herbal energetics, physiology, and foraging skills.

  • A Knowledgeable Practitioner  

Emphasis on learning forage herbs through the seasonal nature of the Herbal Shenanigans element, including teachings on production, storage, and drying techniques.

A Discovery of Interconnectedness.

We created Innate Botanical Selections out of my lifelong passion for working with animals, particularly horses, dogs and my deep connection to plants. This method combines my expertise in animal holistic care and herbalism to optimize the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of animals.

One of my main focuses is on trauma work and understanding how the body can release both physical and emotional tension. Through Innate Botanical Selections, we can restore the physical, emotional and spiritual health in all animals.



This Is For:

Individuals looking to learn a new modality that will heal, restore, renew and repair. 

  • Those individuals who are looking for a solution to chronic or acute illnesses who do not want to seek an allopathic pathway.
  • Manual therapists who are looking for an additional modality to reach those deep seated traumas that physical therapy can not reach. 
  • Individuals who are looking to enrich and supplement the lives of animals, including being able to work alongside medications and with the veterinary profession. 
  • Those practitioners and owners looking for an answer to unwarranted or quirky behaviors that you just do not seem to be able to get on top of. 
  • Individuals looking for a modality that addresses the psychological and often physical traumas experienced by animals.

This Is Not For:

Those people looking for prescription and dosing herbalism

  • Innate Botanical Selections will not provide prescriptive, dose based herbalism for animals. 
  • Those looking for a quick fix answer to working with herbs and animals.
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  • Welcome emails and full email support.
  • Course syllabus outlining topics and objectives.
  • Course schedule with important dates.
  • Access instructions for course materials.
  • List of required materials.
  • Dedicated Facebook group for sharing and reaching out.
  • Support resources for assistance
  • Next steps for students to take.
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12 Monthly Payments


  • 3 Year access to our sister platform Herbal Shenanigans. Valued at £1800
  • Life Time Access to Innate Botanical Selections.
  • 3 Years to complete
  • One to one coaching.
  • Group coaching
  • Access to all updates and additions.
  • Free 30 minute discovery call.
  • Certified to work with herbs and animals
  •  Free additional continuing professional development hours


Payment In Full and SAVE


  • Free Innate Botanical Selections Kit valued at £380
  • 3 year access to our sister platform Herbal Shenanigans. Valued £1800 
  • Life Time Access to Innate Botanical Selections.
  • 3 Years to complete
  • One to one coaching.
  • Group coaching
  • Access to all updates and additions.
  • Free 30 minute discovery call.
  • Certified to work with herbs and animals.
  •  Free additional continuing professional development hours

Frequently Asked Questions

(answer the common questions they have about your offer)


Innate Botanical Selections

Innate Botanical Selections Kits

At the start of the Innate Botanical Selections course you will receive your herbal and essential oils starter kits enabling you to start offering herbs to your animals straight away. 


Lesson Timings

  Innate Botanical Selections lives lessons are held on weekends, with occasional evening sessions. All sessions can be accessed on-demand and caught up however attendance to the live sessions is mandatory. 

You attend 7 Live interactive sessions spaced between January and October.   


Upon completion of the courses students receive a formal 'Animal Botanical - Innate Botanical Selections'  & a UKRS Accredited certificates. Certification for completion of Herbal Shenanigans is also awarded. 


What we do...


Our course is bespoke and designed to show you how to provide medicinal herbs to animals. We emphasize the true hero's, the botanicals, their unique energies, qualities and benefits. You even learn how to produce and grow your own.

Herbs for your animals on tap. 

We develop hands on herbalism for animals. Touching & foraging, tasting & experiencing. Its the only way we can fully understand why our animals are selecting them.

Because herbs are so much more than their actions and uses, animals know this intuitively.

Our case studies are based around real animals, they cover conditions that animals might experience every day. That's why we teach animal disorders and dysfunctions too. From the seasonal itch to the ulcers, you will learn where to start helping animals straight away.

 Animal behaviour is a key aspect of intuitive selections. We constantly reference showing you big and subtle behaviours to learn. 


Herbal health and wellness for all animals

Don't miss out....  Enroll today to unlock the incredible world of Innate Botanical Selections and Herbal Shenanigans to enhance or begin your new career today.

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  • Welcome emails and full email support.
  • Course syllabus outlining topics and objectives.
  • Course schedule with important dates.
  • Access instructions for course materials.
  • List of required materials.
  • Dedicated Facebook group for sharing and reaching out.
  • Support resources for assistance
  • Next steps for students to take.
Enrol Today

12 Monthly Payments


  • 3 year access to our sister platform Herbal Shenanigans. Valued at £1800
  • Life Time Access to Innate Botanical Selections.
  • 3 Years to complete
  • One to one coaching.
  • Group coaching
  • Access to all updates and additions.
  • Free 30 minute discovery call.
  • Certified to work with herbs and animals
  •  Free additional continuing professional development hours  


Payment In Full and SAVE


  • Free Innate Botanical Selections Kit valued at £380
  • 3 Year access to our sister platform Herbal Shenanigans. Valued £1800. 
  • Life Time Access to Innate Botanical Selections.
  • 3 Years to complete
  • One to one coaching.
  • Group coaching
  • Access to all updates and additions.
  • Free 30 minute discovery call.
  • Certified to work with herbs and animals.
  •  Free additional continuing professional development hours