Hello, I'm Rachael, Founder of Animal Botanical.  



I have a long standing career working with animals - encompassing medical herbalism, animal herbalism, animal chiropractor and energetic healing. I have worked with animals, especially horses and dogs and plants my life long journey.

I absolutely love teaching and sharing everything that these modalities bring. And i do this via various platforms….including providing practitioner courses in zoopharmacognosy and Reiki, as well as owner and continuing professional development courses in herbal medicines and natural botanicals for huamns and animals. 

I am co author, along with Jo Rose of Rose Therapies and Training of Animal Botanicals – A seasonal Guide to common herbs and hedgerow plants found throughout the UK which is available via Amazon.

I have written articles for several magazines including Your Health Hub. 

I now work from our home in Costa Rica facilitating training in all things herbal for animals and humans. I hold bi annual continuing professional development workshops in the UK teaching hands on modalities and herbal immersion programmes. 

I hold a number of qualifications including PGcert in complementary health sciences, BSc Hort, Dip Hm, Dip MCAM & Dip HCA.

 If you would like to book in a consultation please do follow the link below to our booking page. 

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1) For full animal 1-1 consultations with the inclusion of animal communication. (£145)


2) For all human 1-1 consultations. (£145, Includes 1st prescription, management plan and consultation.


3) For all individual animal communication or additional student mentoring sessions. (£65)


4) For all distance energy, and reiki sessions. (£45)



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We look forward to assisting you on your herbal journey.


Light and blessings





BSc Horticulture

Level 6 Diploma Herbal Medicine

PGCert Complementary Heath Sciences. 

Dip Herbal Choices for Animals

Dip McTimony Corley Animal Manipulation. 

Additional Training and CPD

Equine and Canine Psoas Release Techniques with Lucy Yeoman

Danial Kamen chiropractic techniques

Microbiome in the horse and dog Carol Hughes

MFR with Dawn McCaig

Osteopathic Techniques with Louise Mauferon Verne

Equine Dissection: OCEPT

Equine facial Edge with Jo Rose. 

Improving Pasture Biodiversity for Gut Health with Matthew Dodds.

Making your own animal Herb Garden. 

Energetic Attitudes of Herbal Essences with Terry Shubrook. 

Using Biotensors for Herbal Blending Sharon Bronsveld. 

Grief and Trauma in animal practice with Sara Burton. 

Canine First Aid with Kirstey Lee. 

Animal Aromatherapy with Paula Warner. 

Using herbs with Vitalism and Astrology with Daisy Griffiths. 

The use of Trees in Equine and Canine Herbal Choices with Sabine Borden. 

Herbal Energetics Weekend workshops with Elizabeth Brook. 

Emergency first aid

Personal safety course and handling difficult face to face interviews

Equality in service delivery

Elizabeth Brook weekend tutorship on humeral medicine and astrological components.

Kirsten Hartvig: weekend tutorship on materia medica and plants in practice

Nic Rowley, Phil Deakin and Andreas Syramis weekend tutorship in clinical methods and clinical skills

 Triangulation with Louise Mauferon Vernet.

Alliance of equine Osteopaths weekend seminars. 

Herbal Medicine conference 2023 NIMH.

Phototherapy in Animal Practice. 

Soil Food Web Approach. 

Herbal Medicine in the Tropics with Edward BernHart. 

Herbal Medicine Diploma: The Lost Skills Academy with Nicola Apelian. 

Shin Rin Yoku workshop with Marsha May Lazaro. 

Animal Communication and Telepathic Techniques with Alex Butler. 

Equine Ulcers with Sabine Borden. 




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