Self Selection Starter Packs

Small Packs With Mighty Power

All The Tools You Need To Start Your Animals Health Journey


Starting your animals pathway to an enriched and happy life need'nt be complicated. The ability to offer herbs and oils, can be undertaken using the simple, tried and tested method of selection. Our Self selection starter packs have been formultaed and devised so that all your animals, no matter how big or small, will benefit from the experience. 

Be prepared for seeing your animal in a new light while allowing them the freedom to express, self medicate, heal and restore. 

Whats included?

The self selection starter packs include, dried herbs, nutritious dense powders and beautiful essential oils.

All specifically devised and chosen so that you, as an owner can aid your pet in the best way possible. 

We've selected these products to cover all physical, emotional and spiritual release. So regardless of which point your animal is in, in their wellness journey, there will be a product to help. 

All herbs and oils come from reputable companies with strong ethical credentials and where possible organic! All are human grade products. 

 However thats not all.....

The Animal Botanicals downlaodable ebook will be given to you for FREE.  Its packed full of advice, processes, methods and behaviour and includes the rules of offering herbs to your animals. 

The ebook contains handy little monograohs for each of the seasonally available plants, actions, uses, photos. Individually this is normally priced at £12. It comes FREE with any starter pack purchase. 

PLUS you get access to the Animal Botanicals FB page, where you meet like minded individuals all helping their pets, where we share ideas and gain experience. 

Dried Herbs...
  • 6 amazing dried herbs - 250g of each herb!
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Nutrient Powders...
  • 6 fabulous dried powders - 100g of each powder!
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Essential oils...
  • 6 Fantastic essential oils - 5ml of each oil!
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Spring forage Ebook

This specially devised ebook details 20 of the most commonly selected and available herbs in the UK.

They have been tried and tested as animal selection favourites and make a great accompaniment to the starter kit.

This means you and your animal can build an impressive collection of herbs to offer in addition to those in the pack itself. 

Foraging opens up a world of medicinal benefits that you may not have realised possible. 

improving your animals wellbeing, building up your herb collection and providing confidence while out and about.

The ebook can be built upon each season allowing you to really build a great collection through the year. 

The summer and autumn editions (available seperately) build into a fantastic resource for the daily dog walk or horse hack. 

You animal will really apprecicate the potency and vitality of freshly foraged herbs, bark, seeds, fruits and nuts



Start your animals journey of connection, selection, plant medicine and more.

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