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3 spring herbs vital to the transition.

adrenals bitter circulation cleavers detoxofication eliimination hawthorn liver lymphatics nettle spring supporting Apr 04, 2022


As we emerge from winter our animals are undergoing some pretty nifty biological changes that impact their health. 

Ever noticed your dog, cat or horse getting more itchy as spring approaches.

Have they been purging and taken themselves off to eat all that wonderful couch grass. 

Do they have diarrhea

Have they become especially boisterous, amorous, behaviour has gone awry. 

Or perhaps your older pet has become a little stiffer and sluggish, unable to move as freely. 

Clearing the system after a period of stasis can be invaluable - and although winter wasn't especially cold, it has been a long slog from Christmas - wet damp and pretty grey. 

To help your animals out here are 3 of my top spring herbs that you can start offering straight away, direct from the hedgerow. 

All of these herbs help to eliminate stasis and the build up of inflammation that occurs over winter. All that debris needs to be go somewhere, so lets give the body a helping.  hand. 


Galium aparine, It is bright green with a delicate cucumber flavour. It is often found growing alongside nettles as one of the first spring herbs. The small inconspicuous white flowers can be seen in late spring and summer followed by small hard coarse seeds. Sticky will, clivers, cleavers or even bedstraw is the perfect spring detoxicant herb. Its vital energy working through the body to shift lymphatic stasis, clear the debris and help the liver out with its bitter twist.

Its such a great herb! I recommend it for horses, hounds and humans - for us humans you can juice it, place it in water for a few hours and enjoy as a refreshing drink. 


Nettle One of the most widely available plants which strengthens and supports the whole body. Used as a detoxicant and adrenal restorative. Used internally nettle is highly astringent and will help to stem bleeding. It balances blood sugars and is therefore indicted in disorders of metabolism such as laminitis and cushings syndrome. Nettle is the warrior herb providing strength and stamina whilst also asserting its caring and supportive connections. 


Hawthorn, The flower essence of hawthorn is believed to open the heart chakra and release feelings associated with grief, broken hearts, anger, rage, trauma, disappointment and resentfulness. Hawthorn has a warming to neutral energy The main uses of Hawthorn relate to its effects on the heart and circulatory systems. It is a hypotensive – so lowers blood pressure, it regulates heart rate – reducing arrhythmias. Hawthorn also a great affinity for strengthening the vasculature so may be of benefit to any animal or human with lymphangitis, leg ulcers, cellulitis etc. 


With these three herbs alone we can help our animals to transition into the spring season supported, revitalised, cleansed and clear.