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What a month!

Apr 22, 2024

I have been very quiet on the group this last month but pleased to report I am back into the swing of it from today. 


Last month was too much to bear as our old German Shepard Oody suffered a horrid stroke and with his health and age (13) the prognosis was beyond poor. Oody has been Jason best friend for all this time, loyal, happy a giant fuzzy bear who supported and guided so many students in both herbal and structural work. Poor Jason only got to spend a few days with him after his trip to the UK before Oodys stroke hit. Not enough time for sure, I dont think it ever is. 

Confusion, falling and stress was pushing Oody too much and we made the call that same night, that as soon as a vet was available we must send him on his next journey. 

His next journey was a traumatic one for us and him. The vets here in Costa Rica are great, there workload massive and their skill usually excellent. Unfortunately for us we chose a vet with few of these qualities. 

With heavy hearts we said goodbye to Oody with a euthanasia that took over 1/2 an hour and one I wouldn't wish on Oody or Jason again. The vet was terrible, not finding veins, not administering enough sedation, finally adding anesthetic to his heart but some 25 minutes later.

I am grateful for all vets, i know they never mean harm or anticipate a strong hearted dog, but this really was beyond normal boundaries of acceptance - she tried to be compassionate and have empathy for us but alas not much fed through to poor Oody. He is at peace now buried under the mango tree. I haven't been able to write about him fully because words cant really express how we feel. 


So once again I turned into work and the amazing tribe of our members, who held us in their hearts while ours slowly repaired. We haven't really been able to process his passing just yet. We will.

A couple of weeks later and our eldest daughter returned back to the UK for good, to spread her wings and fly. I have been so happy for her and so full of encouragement that I darent stop to think on how this effects me. We will miss our tall tower immensely and take much strength knowing we have helped this strong, resilient and powerful being grow. I read these words from a post the other day and they fill me with much hope about our children being beings. How we as mothers and fathers must only be viewers and supporters to their own lives. 


Khalil Gibran's Best Quote...♦️
Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you can not visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backwards, nor tarries with yesterday......
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I could go on about my age and perimenopause and menopause a a calling to be undertaking some womens work but maybe that is for another day.

Now, now my adrenal glands and heart have taken a good hammering! 

Oddy, My daughter and then....

During all of this we moved house... back to the jungle surrounds and the call of all things wild. My soul revived a little and us knowing that the mountains and wild will heal us all. 

But then.....My sweet Tiz disappeared in the jungle and villages surrounding us. For 3 days we were bereft, preying, searching, canvassing, calling. That first night is the hardest, when you realise that your dog is not in any way able to cope in the Costa Rican jungle on her own. She is not hardy or resilient, she is not adept to survive without us. She has never spent a night away from home without us ever. And she is 9. 

Once again our tribe of Shenanigans came to the rescue and without their own collective energy wrapping my Tiz in love, I am sure the jungle would have taken her. Jason called in the angels, I connected to mother nature and together we all willed her on.

The jungle was not her fate, thank goodness.

After much canvassing with posters a local trash collector saw her lying on the front porch of a casita, 6km away. Several things about this are remarkable. Mind blowing even!

1) Costa Rica doesn't have many trash collectors outside the main cities and villages, only on very specific main routes. most houses have to dispose of their own. We only handed 1 x poster to 1 x trash collector.

2) We don't live on a trash collection route. 

The trash collector we handed the poster to was 12km away from where she was found, in the opposite direction!! 

Bin men are amazing and this guy, Daniel - went above and beyond, phoning us, guiding us (all in our pigeon spanish). 

His response when I message to say we had a small reward was 'I live in a small box, with a lot I can do this money'. We gave him £40. 

Tiz didn't come to greet us, or bark or come out when called. She was beaten by the heat, exhausted, soreness and red raw paws. We guess she hadn't eaten for 4 days, possibly bitten by a snake or scorpion as inflammation in a hind leg. Very stiff, very shut down and just hopelessly sad. 

Jason scooped her up and she had a little wag of her tail then recognised that it was Jason and she was safe. She got straight in the car and with all the will in our hearts is now home safe and well. 

No more chasing rabbits for her. 


After we got her home .....we watered and fed, she mostly slept, waking for food and water. But discombobulated and you could see, when ever she woke she was still lost, still in fright mode. Her breathing rate didn't come down for 2 days, I didn't measure it but clearly she was stuck in sympathetic mode. Something many of us go through in times of stress. Tiz and I always run along together and this time was no different. Boy did I need to sleep after we found her. We've had much heart and adrenal shake ups this month!

I did try offering herbs and oils but these were not on her agenda at all. Remember self selection relies on gut receptors being in good health and that we meet certain guidelines like environment, food, no stress. Mora hasn't left her side. 

So Tiz had a small smell of violet leaf and a mouthful of chlorella and that has been it. I tried to offer calendula cream for her paws but she promptly scooted off. When they are full of stress like this I have no problems adding some nutrient dense powders to their food and giving adrenal tonics, anything to help bring them back to balance a little. But this time I didn't, I've let Tiz lie and feel loved and feel comforted and reassured. Ive let her sleep and come back to earth first. i will offer in a couple of days and see what she likes, theres no hurry. 

Tiz has been such a loving dog for us and like Oody has offered herself for students and been demonstration dog many many times. This time I think she just wants to be held and finally come back into her body on her own. 

So how do we mitigate stress in these circumstances? 

For me I have been drinking plenty of oat straw tea to soothe my frayed nerves and restore some normality. I have been sleeping a lot too and watching the director's cut of Lord of the Rings, the last one was 4hrs! Epic and my way of switching my brain off. 

Tiz is back to sleeping on our beb, upside down in her usual surrendered position. it did take a few days before she would do this. When I offer more botanicals I will let you know what she selects and if she is willing, video this too. 

Mostly I want to publicly thank all our Herbal Shenanigans because without their love and energy, prayers and heart, wrapping Tiz in wonderful protective energy and giving me so much of theirs, I know Tiz would have been taken by the very jungle we love so much. 

No more chasing rabbits Tiz - we are lucky, blessed and over whelmed to have you back in our fold. 

Light and blessings my tribe