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Elimination Pathways

blood clean cleanse clear health herbs liver renew reviatlise Mar 26, 2021

I can not over emphasise the importance of both elimination and assimilation during spring. Our animals bodies have so much to do at this time of year and all those vital cellular processes require time to break down and renew.

So while the body is busy building and enjoying increased nutrition, its equally as important to remove the cellular debris. To remove the products of winter inflammation so that the body is clear and clean, reviatalised anew. This puts our animals in the optimum position for movng forward into the summer period of excess.


Aside from the gastrointestinal system, the liver, blood, urinary and skin are the main organs used for the process of elimination. Absolutley vital during the spring. 



The liver and gastrointestinal tract share a connection to the hepatic portal vein, This vein delivers nutrtion and all toxins extracted from the process of digestion to the liver for processing. In some cases these products do not get processed and can be inappropriatly absorbed serving as a source of inflammation and possible immune dysfuction.

 The inability of the liver to sufficiently assimilate and process debri can lead to degradation of the gut and brain connection, This has been associated with parkinsons in humans, mitachondrial dysfunction, such as chronic fatigue, overload of external toxins, oxidative stress and a death in the dopamine receptors, leading to depression and anxiety states.

Aside from the gut and brain axis, a liver that is unable to eliminate sufficiently will also show as skin problems, as the debri in the blood finds its way to the nearest elimination pathway, the skin.

 As the liver is also a storage vessel for glycogon (energy) we may also see depleted energy reserves and an inability to produce or store vitamins A, D and E, the ones helpful for fat storage and synthesis of lipids.

Suffice to say this great organ is involved in many bodily processes and is likely associated either directly or indirectly with them all. If it is in someway compromised, disease or disorder will ensue.

The great thing about the liver though is its amazing ability to renew and regerate, even after quite an onslaught.

Its ability to work sufficificently at even half capacity is astounding. When it is healthy and vital and working at its optimum there is little that its cant clean, clear, synthesise, metabolise, recycle or rebuild.

 This is why detoxification of the liver is a vital function, but protection of the liver even more so. If the liver is protected and restored its ability to detoxify and undertake these imperative processes increases significantly.



Looking after livers is exactly what medical herbalsist do. its one of the major cornerstones of health. 

When both the liver and gastrointestinal tract are working at their optimum many other disease manifestations dissipate or dissapear. 


How amazing is that liver!